Two big firsts!

I’m very excited to announce the publication of my latest book, Vessels. One big first is that this one is published by Schiffer Press, which is well known for its beautiful art books. The other big first is that this is a collaboration with my sister, Jennifer McCurdy, who is an amazing artist.

I’m delighted with the book. Our collaborative process was very inspiring. I feel the poems we chose bring out the lyricism of Jennifer’s vessels, and her vessels bring out the beauty of my poems. The process also brought out insights for both of us about our creative processes. Schiffer did a wonderful job of taking our design and making it sparkle, and were able to produce a book of a much higher quality than I have available through my self-publishing channels.

You can buy the book from Schiffer or from Amazon. Your positive review would also be of great value to me.

New book — I Will Dance

I’m happy to announce the publication of my eighth poetry book, I Will Dance.

I Will Dance2 coverpic1I Will Dance is a tribute to the free form dance community worldwide, and especially in Seattle. This community has been of great value to me in bringing out a vital aspect of my being, and these poems reflect what I have gained from dancing. The book is illustrated with photographs of dancers in Seattle’s free form dance community. It is available from the author or on, or on

New Release — my first novel!

Today I hit the approve button and published my first novel.

musecoverpicI wrote the novel in 2009, at the strong urging of my daughter Heather to join her in that year’s National Novel Writing Month, NaNoWriMo, as it’s affectionately called. Participants sign up to write 50,000 words in the month of November, which divides into 1667 words per day.

At that time I had rediscovered that I am a writer, but not yet discovered that I am a poet. (There were many signs which could have been clear to me, but which I believe I missed because “Poet” was not on the shelf of my set of societally approved occupations.) I didn’t know if I could do fiction; I felt I lacked what I now call an engine — a powerful idea that demands expression in a novel. However, I had, earlier that year, written two poems which had given me quite a bit of satisfaction. I asked Heather if she thought there might be an idea within them that could become a novel. She thought there was, and gave me some suggestions about how.

So I wrote the book, Muse, based on the ideas in Muse and Muse II, the poems. After that, I put the novel through a few revisions, which I think helped it a lot.

The book fits into the category of New Adult, which sort of means it addresses themes most relevant to people starting out their “life as adults”, however they might define that. There is another genre called Young Adult, but that is mostly read by teenagers and even pre-teens, mostly girls, and has come to be dominated by certain themes, such as the paranormal, dystopian futures, and highly sex-filled (but not too graphic) edgy contemporary stories. New Adult emerges for the reader who has outgrown such fare but still wants a good book.

I’ve written two more novels since then, in the NaNoWriMos of 2010 and 2011. The latest one I may still revise and publish; the second one, I currently think, would take more of an overhaul than I feel willing to handle, my sensibilities being, as it turns out, more of a poet than a novelist.

Anyway, if you’d like to read it, you can buy it on CreateSpace or Amazon. Or you can contact me and I’ll lend you a copy. Here’s the blurb that’s on the back:

Melissa and Aaron, geeky, innocent, and introverted, independently invoke muses to help them navigate the puzzling world of career, identity, and relationships. When they meet in an acrylics class, Melissa notices that Aaron resembles the muse she conjured writing a poem—the muse that led her to take the class. Aaron, exploring his tortured internal landscape, keeps seeing Melissa there. As they strive to follow their own muses, they wonder, more and more, what that might mean with regard to each other.

The Law of Life is here!

Law of Life coverpic1My seventh book of poems, The Law of Life, is now available.

I struggle with words for this one. All the enthusiastic phrases that come to mind sound like so much advertising, and I want some way to say, no, really — this one IS special. Here’s the description that comes up on CreateSpace’s online store and on Amazon:

These poems reflect a synthesis of experience and inspiration, of love and an insatiable desire to understand. They express many dimensions of the author’s perception of the Law of Life — the primal order seen in everything. Paired with photographs taken by the author and her family members, these poems offer delightful insights into life’s intricate wonder, and the hope that comes from close observation.

All of which, I feel, is true. Somewhere in the space between the modesty my social upbringing encourages and the hype that our shopping-as-worship society demands, I commend to you my newest book. I hope you’ll read it. I hope you’ll write a review of it. I hope you’ll want to give it to all your friends.

(Clicking the image will connect you to where you can buy the book on CreateSpace. You can also buy it on Amazon, but CreateSpace gives me a better deal. If you then are motivated to go to Amazon and write a review, that would be wonderful.)


Now is the time for love!

Being One, Being Two coverpicI’m excited to announce the publication of my newest book, Being One, Being Two — love poems. These poems make me happy because they express the quantum leaps in my experience of love that have occurred in the past few years. So I am eager to share them.

Being One, Being Two is actually two collections. Being One shares my experience of love for and in community, and Being Two shares the love in my enduring partnership with my husband.

You can see it on Amazon by clicking on the picture. Or contact me to order a signed copy directly.


I look forward to hearing from you, and sharing my new collection of poems!




Looking for a Last Minute Gift?

I am happy to announce the release of my fourth and fifth books

Cuddle your Curmudgeons — domestic storms and sun breaks

This is the fourth (and probably final) book in my set of illustrated, themed collections.

Cuddle your Curmudgeons is a tender and honest look at the heartaches and joys of family life. These poems are the most personal and particular ones the author has written, covering a short period when her children are teenagers, and the family members struggle for harmony, connection, and a clear sense of purpose. Through the struggles shine bright gleams of the triumph of love and the victory of peace in her household.

Here are some of the illustrations from Cuddle your Curmudgeons:


Also out is my first unillustrated, longer collection:

Journeying — selected poems

This volume contains four poetic journeys. The first, called Journeying, invites you to travel along the path of transformation, with all its swoops, turns, and still points. The second, Thought’s Landscapes, takes you on explorations of the mind — the realm of story, dream, perspective, time and infinity. The third journey, called Earth Whispers, takes you through the arc of the seasons, with its changes, emotions, and epiphanies. The final journey is Prayer, which takes you inward to where everything opens out and you find peace and home.


Here is the information on my previous three books:


Revolution is a call to action — not so much the dogged plodding of political activism as the rising of hearts in the spontaneous assertion of the right to live full and free. Wendy Mulhern’s poems offer inspiration and empowerment, and her artwork unfolds a story of strength and hope.

Click at left to purchase it from (It’s also on Amazon, but it’s better for me if you use CreateSpace). Or see me to purchase it locally.




Attraction. Confusion. Exhilaration. Recalibration. Soothing. All are part of the romance adventure chronicled in Capture Rapture. Wendy Mulhern’s poems provide deft observation and keen insight into the many phases of romance, as well as offering a chart to guide those who embark on the adventure through the sometimes stormy waters to the calm of love.

Capture Rapture is available at (click picture to go there). It’s also on Amazon. Or, if you live in the Seattle area, contact me to purchase it locally.



Infinite Permission will take you along a path of liberation — liberation from constricting concepts of body image, identity and purpose to a fuller range of movement and a deeper sense of spiritual wholeness. Wendy Mulhern’s tender poetry finds a synergistic accompaniment in Mellissae Lucia’s luminous art.

Infinite permission is available at, and also on Amazon. If you live in the Seattle area, contact me to purchase it locally.