Coming soon — The Law of Life

Law of Life coverpic1I’m eager to publish my upcoming book, The Law of Life. It delineates, poetically, what I am coming to understand, and am in awe of, about the natural laws that govern the cosmos on all scales, from stars to quarks. The book is illustrated with compelling black and white photographs taken by me, my husband, and my daughter, and it is beautiful. I keep picking it up and reading through it when I have many other things to do. It draws me in. 

In the Works

Coming out soon! My sixth poetry book:

Being One, Being Two coverpic

Being One, Being Two contains two collections of poetry. The first collection, Being Onelove poems for community, is an extension of the exploration begun in Infinite Permission—a healing journey home. Infinite Permission chronicles the author’s journey to personal wholeness and grace; Being One is about the learning of wholeness and grace with regard to community — the practice of open-hearted love. Being Two—love poems of an enduring partnership is an extension of the topic of Capture Rapture—notes from the romance adventure. It offers glimpses into the author’s thirty-plus year relationship with her husband, with the deepening intimacy and trust that comes from a long-term commitment. Both Being One and Being Two illustrate the life-giving power of love.

 Also coming soon — my first novel: Muse — Book design courtesy of my daughter Heather:

Musecoverhands3 copy

Melissa and Aaron, geeky, innocent, and introverted, independently invoke muses to help them navigate the puzzling world of career, identity, and relationships. When they meet in an acrylics class, Melissa notices that Aaron resembles the muse she conjured writing a poem—the muse that led her to take the class. Aaron, exploring his tortured internal landscape, keeps seeing Melissa there. As they strive to follow their own muses, they wonder, more and more, what that might mean with regard to each other.



And somewhat remotely in the works:

I Will Dance — a spiritual journey

Throughout human existence, dance has been an essential expression – of self, of community, of spirit.  In our modern world, dance has come to mean several very different things — an art form for spectators to view; a dating activity; a venue of competition.  But its elemental nature, bringing out the human spirit and bringing us together, can still be found in some places.  These poems outline the author’s experience of dance as a vehicle for spiritual liberation —a way to become free of inhibitions and to become connected, through music, to the harmony of the universe and the common beating of hearts.