Myrella’s Interpretation

In this video, from my March 9 poetry event, Myrella moves to my poem Taproot, Read by Love Rising, to the song Chilled Cream by Blank and Jones.


The roots of your connection
go down deep —
Like comfrey, they reach into the subsoil,
pulling up the minerals
that rise from ancient bedrock.
Whatever artifice has been applied,
whatever degradation of the soil,
you are equipped
to tap the primal nutrient
and bring it back
into the cycle of life.
Don’t ever think that you can be defeated —
Like comfrey, if they chop you,
you will come back stronger,
by virtue of your simple insistence
on the right of life to thrive,
and of each living thing to manifest
just what it is —
not made for any purpose other than its own
and its essential link to everything.
©Wendy Mulhern
August 4, 2013

On Touch

Last Sunday I did a poetry presentation, with the help of some friends. This video is longer than fits the flitting attention span of social media browsing, but it develops an idea that I’m currently very excited about. I’ll post shorter segments as we are able to get them ready. I also look forward to sharing my friends’ presentations.